Thursday, 28 March 2013

34. Chromophobia

Is being different something bad? Is war better than peace? What is beauty? What values are important in life? Is there hope? Watch and think.



Anonymous said...

Is being different something bad?= no, bad is what makes everyone sad.
Is war better than peace?= no because with war everyone is unhappy but with peace everyone is happy.
What is beauty?=Beauty is what makes people, things and animals different.
What values are important in life?=the values that is important in life are peace , love , friendship ,compassion.
Is there hope?= there is hope for many things and people to leave back the bad things that have happened.

Anonymous said...

1.I think that being different is an important advantage, because you have a different personality as well.
2.Peace is better than war, because when there is peace all over the world, people feel free and happy.But, when countries fight with each other, people feel very sad.
3.Beauty is what makes people and animals look different.
4.I believe that the values that are important in life are:peace,love,hapiness and friendship.
5.There is hope everywhere, because hope is what makes people forget and dream.