Wednesday, 6 March 2013

23. The Euro-explorers meet Svetlin Vassilev

The Euro-explorers met Svetlin Vassilev, the creator of "Europa". Svetlin Vassilev is a painter and illustrator. He was born in Ruse, a city in Bulgaria, on the borders with Romania. He has been living and working in Greece since 1997. In 2004 he was honoured with the Special National Award for Illustration for the book "Don Quixote". Mr. Vassilev helped us discover the wonderful world of illustration through a historical journey in the art. So, from the first cave paintings 
 Cave of Altamira, Spain
we travelled to ancient Egypt and the use of papyrus and from there on we met Johannes Gutenberg from Germany, the inventor of printing press who revolutionized European book-making. 
  Johannes Gutenberg, Germany (1395-1468)

We also talked about modern illustration and learnt about famous comics like Asterix (written by René Goscinny, illustrated by Albert Uderzo, France, 1959)
Through Mr. Vassilev's wonderful illustrations we travelled to many European Union countries' art, culture and literature. 

In England we met Romeo and Juliet (written by W. Shakespeare around 1595).
In Spain we met Don Quixote and Sancho Panza (written by Miguel de Cervantes around 1605).
In Germany we met Baron Munchausen, a German nobleman famous for his tall tales.
In Scotland we met Peter Pan ("the boy who never grows up", written by J.M.Barrie around 1904).
Finally, in Greece we met famous figures of the Greek mythology like Danae and Perseus
Atlas,placed somewhere near the Gibraltar Straits in Spain (Atlantic Ocean means "Sea of Atlas").
and of course Europa the "mother" of a continent, Europe.
Mr Vassilev showed us how art unites people and countries across Europe, how optimistic he is about the abilities of the younger generations for the future of the European Union countries and how important it is to read and learn. We would like to thank him for visiting us!


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