Friday, 1 February 2013

2. Working together

We discussed our common values during the project. How we wanted to work.

A set of common values from hrysa

Then we worked in groups and created our posters! 2 great groups were formed: "The Creative Stars" and "The Gang of 10".


Anonymous said...

Hello, our project is very good. We worked in two groups which were “The Creative Stars” and the “Gang of 10”. Also we worked with respect, fun and positive energy. We worked with team work, too. It was amazing!!!


Anonymous said...

I think when you work in groups you have a great time with yours classmates. I'm in the "Creative Stars" and I had a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

I think we worked very good.I like this!!!I am in <>and i hope we will do that again!!!!

Anonymous said...

this project was a great and interesting idea

konstantinos k

Anonymous said...

Miss Chrysa I am waiting to upload the videos with the 'Creative Stars' and 'The gang of 10'


Anonymous said...

i am was in the gang of 10 and we was so creative .It was one of my best parts of my life because i am was with all my friends and this was that made it wonderful!!!!

despoina k

Anonymous said...

miss xrusa is a great teacher because she learn to me work together and i love it so much!!!